13 maart 2020 - Stadschouwburg Mechelen

The story of my life

"The story of my life"

Where do inspiring ideas come from? An Eureka moment on a Sunday afternoon? A collaboration with a group of domain experts? Brave funding to be able to fail a lot? It’s hard to pin point the correct answer, because everything we do today is defined by the journey we have travelled before. So the best way to understand success, is to trace back people’s footsteps. To listen to their life story.

For its 3rd edition, TEDxMechelen will gather leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and artists to share their unique life story with the audience. Listening to their personal struggles and their moments of joy, will allow us to understand how it defined them today.

We promise you an inspiring evening, that will make an impact on your future personal and business life. Come and join us on this year’s edition on life stories that are worth spreading.