8 februari 2019 - Stadschouwburg Mechelen


"Innovation" is the theme for our second edition.

Each of us has a choice to make at such a moment. Either passively, incomprehensible but also powerless, watching what is happening before our eyes. Either constantly exposing yourself to new information, exploring and understanding, and actively asking yourself how you can use this knowledge in your life. How to get ahead of the curve.

We are choosing for the second option, and will be organizing this TEDx conference for others who strive for the same. Not your background, your color, age or diploma are important, but the attitude with which you live. That unrelenting curiosity that typifies every TED (x) fan.

After all, our choice for "Innovation" also says something for the ambition level that we want to impose on ourselves. Every speaker must be able to outline the Innovation within his or her field in 18 minutes. If we won’t see our participants’ jaw drop from time to time, we cannot consider our mission a succes.